Digital Roundtable on Funding Journalism during Covid-19 (Funders only)

Journalism organisations and the entire independent media, especially those who provide professional and essential public interest reporting during the COVID-19 crisis, are in trouble due to the ongoing pandemic and the impact it has on their key infrastructure. Revenues for these institutions are collapsing at the same time that public demand for trustworthy information is at an all time high. Supporting the sector and sustaining independent journalism across Europe may be more important now than ever.

That’s why we’d like you to join us for a JFF funder-only digital roundtable to discuss some of these pressing issues. The session will be chaired by Adam Thomas, Director of the European Journalism Centre, and you are all invited to contribute to the agenda. It's a chance to connect, learn from each other how to best support grantees and stay informed of each other’s work during the crisis.