About Journalism Funders Forum

Journalism Funders Forum is a European series of conference events bringing together philanthropists, donors, journalists and media executives with the aim to help create transparent, ethical and sustainable ways to fund journalism.

Leading philanthropists, foundations and media organisations will show what is working in European media philanthropy, and what is not. Through engaging case studies, unseen research and open discussion, our events will explore key editorial, ethical, financial and technological questions with world-class experts. We aim to build trust and provide a blueprint for future collaboration.

The forums will bring stakeholders from both sides together, point them towards cooperation opportunities, build a foundation of trust between them, and help develop appropriate ethical guidelines that respect journalism’s integrity and independence, while enabling philanthropies to support their respective causes. The events will be underpinned by a stock-taking study that analyses existing funding partnerships in Europe as well as the lessons learned so far.

In order to promote direct and open discussion, Journalism Funders Forum is held under the Chatham House rule and has a strict no fundraising policy. Research and outcomes will be shared publicly.

The events are organised by the European Journalism Centre, with the kind co-operation of around 50 organisations and individuals, and the financial support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


If you have any questions, please send an email to info@journalismfundersforum.com